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Business Professionals

Unlocking the Right Talent for Your Business Success

You understand the pivotal role business professionals play in driving an organization’s success. We are a specialised agency that excels in connecting top-tier talent to your company’s needs, both for permanent and contract positions.

Our Expertise Covers a Wide Range of Areas:

1. Marketing/PR/Events: Whether you need a Marketing Manager, Marketing Executive, Marketing Assistant, SEO Consultant, PPC Consultant, or even a Marketing Director, we have the expertise to match you with exceptional marketing professionals. 

2. HR and Recruitment: At Akriss Recruitment, we understand the value of effective HR and recruitment talent in nurturing a thriving workplace. We cater to roles from HR Manager and HR Director to HR Assistant, Recruiters, and even Recruitment Directors. Let us find the perfect fit for your organisation’s unique requirements.

3. Administrative Professionals: From skilled Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants to Office Managers and Administration Assistants, our network is brimming with talented individuals who can streamline your operations and boost productivity. 

Why Choose Akriss Recruitment?

Tailored Solutions: Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We take the time to understand your organization’s specific needs and culture, enabling us to identify candidates who perfectly align with your vision.

Vast Talent Pool: With a vast network of top-notch professionals across various industries, we have access to a diverse pool of talent that will elevate your team’s capabilities.

Experienced Recruiters: Our dedicated team of experienced recruiters possesses in-depth knowledge of the IT and business landscape. We know what it takes to find exceptional talent that will make a tangible impact on your business.

Seamless Process: We handle every aspect of the recruitment process, from candidate sourcing and screening to interviews and reference checks, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience for you.

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